Tony Bloom

For forty years, Tony Bloom's name has been synonymous with Stonecrop Studio located in Canmore, Alberta. An artist with an impressive body of sculpture ranging from the hand-held to murals and monumental public art, Bloom's development as an artist and his presence today is linked to Stonecrop Studio, which he helped to establish in 1974.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1947, Bloom was raised in Tokyo, Paris and Washington, D.C. A percussionist and physicist by training, the artist's introduction to the visual arts began in 1970 in the ceramic studio at the Banff School of Fine Arts (Banff Centre). He became an avid potter and through circumstance quickly became studio manager, and for four years has access to a succession of top rated instructors including Peter Fuhrmann, Luke Lindoe, Santo Mignosa, Hal Reigger, Marilyn Levine and Ruck Duckworth. Some of his first objects included a playable clay flute. Beginning in 1974, it was at Stonecrop that Bloom further honed his skills as an artist especially in the area of ceramic sculpture. It later served as a springboard into other materials like bronze, steel, concrete and copper.

Besides a founding member of Stonecrop Studio, Bloom similarly was involved with the creation of the Canmore Artists and Artisans Guild and established Contact magazine, a national publication about ceramics.

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