Stev'nn Hall

Stev'nn grew up in rural Ontario with a 35 mm camera in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. He studied film, painting and photograph at Concordia University in Montreal and continues to draw influences from these disciplines.

He has worked as the director of a non-profit film co-op, a producer of indie music videos and short-films and as an international award winning TV promo producer at CHUM and CTV.

Stev'nn returned to painting in 2003 with a series entitled Wounded – bold aqua-oil portraits of bleeding men that explores the link between vulnerability and masculinity. 

In his current work, Stev'nn returns to his roots with skyLIGHT, a photography & mixed medium landscape series.  These paint splattered and resin covered enlargements romantically depict the farmhouses, roads and big skies of his childhood and explores the theme of universal spirituality in nature. 

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