Sonya Iwasiuk

Born in Winnipeg I was raised in small towns and farms in Northern Alberta.

Iconic Canadian skies on endless fields pocked with deserted homesteads, developed my deep love for the abandoned.

As a child my dog and I would run along dirt roads and train tracks, and through fields and forest in search of adventure. Not much has changed in over thirty years. I am still an avid explorer, artist and story-teller. It is my inspiration to give sense, scope and remembrance to the lives of our ancestors and originators of the Canadian spirit.

This spirit is reclaimed, transformed into plaster on canvas with acrylic, pastel, charcoal and the found sculptural metal, bone and/or wood. New life is breathed into these relics. The dross of dreams.

If you look hard enough you will live the past. And if you listen well enough you will hear the sting of the prairie wind blow through the fields of grain on a forgotten farm at the tip of the world.

I studied art in Winnipeg and began my career as a graphic artist in 1991. Over the years, my painting style has moved form a focus on expressionism painting to my current interest, mixed media.

My newest work was literally created from a pilgrimage across the Alberta and Saskatchewan prairies and through the thick mountain forests and expansive beaches of the Northwest coast. This work includes remnants of early homesteads and ghost towns and fragments from the logging, cabin and shipping eras of the early 1900’s – bones, chains, spikes, bed springs, various metal containers, pieces of cars and many other spent things.


All pieces are plaster on canvas with acrylic, pastel, charcoal and found objects.

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