Shayne Brandel

Shayne Brandel was born in Calgary and grew up in the Okanagan, where he graduated with a Fine Arts degree from OUC (UBC’s Okanagan University).

Brandel’s paintings are a beautiful blend of figurative sensuality, bold lines, and intricate patterning, reminiscent of Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. As with his Viennese predecessors, Brandel’s work explores the ever shifting duality between the body and abstraction – his figures blend sensually and effortlessly into the rich patterns of their environment; each force vibrating independently yet giving fluidly into one another.

Brandel states, “Most of the paintings are, to me, in a constant state of change. If I could, I would keep all of my work so that I could continue each of these processes indefinitely.” This desire to endlessly prolong the exchange between these two opposing forces is what makes Brandel’s work so alive and so compelling. “However” Brandel continues, “ I choose instead to suspend work on the canvas, or at least slow it down.” It is then the viewer’s turn to enjoy the interplay.

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