Mike Dangeli

Mike Dangeli is of the Nisga’a, Tlingit, Tsetsaut, and Tsimshian Nations. He belongs to the Beaver Clan and carries the names Goothl Ts’imilx  (Heart of the Beaver House)and Teettlien (Big Wave).

Mike currently lives in Vancouver, BC where he founded the House of Culture: Art and Carving Studio. The programs that he organized in the House of Culture sought a holistic approach to teaching Northwest Coast art to urban First Nations children, youth, and adults through classes, workshops and seminars.  

The House of Culture also functions as Mike’s studio where he creates his art for commissions, galleries, and ceremonial pieces for his community. Working primarily as a commission based artist, 

Mike’s works include masks, drums, regalia, paintings, and limited edition silk-screened prints. In 2007, Mike completed twelve totem poles and a thirty-foot ocean going canoe  

Striving to expand his understanding of and ability in carving, painting and design, Mike always honors opportunities to learn from Master Carvers such as: Beau Dick, Simon Dick, Robert Davidson, Reg Davidson, Henry Greene, Lyle Campbell, and many others. He has also held two major apprenticeships with Master Carvers: Randy Adams, and David Boxley.

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