Marie-Danielle LeBlanc

Marie-Danielle Leblanc was born in Trois-Rivières (Quebec). She currently lives and works in Montreal (Quebec) since 1990, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) from the "Universié du Québec à Montréal".

The beauty of the artist’s landscapes comes mostly from a spontaneous gesture and a certain attraction to danger. The wide range of tones, layered from the lightest to the darkest, as well as the unusual media accentuates both the textures and the colours.

The artist loves to work with matter, her creativity leading to a never-ending fascination. She has developed her own style, almost her own signature. Her work leads toward the creation of a bare space, a world that can be discovered and contemplated. She presents us with the result of a meditative process, the testimony of a new contemplation of the horizon.

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