Kathleen Brady

Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, Kathleen Brady began to combine her love for art and nature at a young age. After pursuing an education in visual arts and art history at the University of Regina, she graduated in 2007 with a Fine Arts degree. 

 Kathleen has spent time travelling abroad, experiencing the diversity of arts, culture and nature in Europe, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.  Since returning to Saskatchewan, she has resumed focus on her art practice.  Taking from both her experiences abroad and great love for Prairie landscapes, Kathleen's works are a reflection of her relationship with the natural environment. 
Through a mix of controlled and intuitive processes, her paintings capture the essence of her relationship with the land, specifically one she associates with home.   Inspired by both memory and photograph, these images strive to reveal certain qualities of the landscape, as well as suggesting her own emotional connection with that specific place.  They are an exploration into these moments, embracing the peace, security, excitement and freedom that life on the prairies can bring.  

"I have painted these landscapes in a less traditional manner, leaving drips, texture, and layered brush stokes visible to evoke the viewer to look for deeper meaning.  I want the  viewer to engage with the atmosphere, drawing out their own emotions and personal connections to the prairie landscape" 

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