Glen Wallis

Glen Wallis enjoys experimenting with different materials and processes. As a result, mixed media holds a natural attraction for him. Wallis was born in Montreal and is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a diploma in Art History along with a degree in Sociology. Also a skilled designer and carpenter, Glen worked in the international design build industry for many years.

Through his COMPOSITION series, Wallis explores the connection between art and mass production fabrication. Inspired by the Russian born, American Sculptor Louise Nevelson's work of the mid 20th century, Wallis uses discarded objects and cast-off scraps in these recycled sculptural works. Commissioned wall compositions also include specific items provided by clients. Using variations of the cube as the groundwork for his compositions, Wallis creates notable wall-like, collage driven reliefs that play with light and shadow.

Continuing with his fascination with the grid, Glen Wallis in his new QUILT series has produced quilt inspired, jewel-like paintings. Playing with the opaqueness, translucency and texture of wax, Wallis' paintings are "paintings within paintings". Each square could easily stand alone as an individual painting, but together they become a unified whole where careful attention is paid to the tension between these seperate components.

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