Galen Felde

Galen Felde‘s work focuses on human and environmental interdependence
and issues of empathy. Her current series explores impermanence, and our
contradictory nature in a dialogue between dissolving forests and urban
landscapes. Characteristic use of trace images and skewed focus suggest the construction of memory, and the resonance of absence. Canvases combine acrylic texturing and underpainting with numerous transparent washes on wood panel.

Galen was born in Vancouver, BC. She has studied both the visual arts and contemporary dance locally, in London, Eng. and Montréal, Que. She attended Simon Fraser University as a contemporary dance major with a concentration in the visual arts.

After choreographing and performing for many years as an independent dancer alongside her visual art studies, she chose to pursue a full-time painting career.

Galen divides the year painting in her studio on the Downtown East Side of Vancouver, and in the BC Interior. Her work can be found in collections throughout Canada and the US.


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