Don (Ahnahnsisi) McIntyre

Don McIntyre is an Ojibway from Timiskaming First Nations in northern Quebec. He was raised between his grandfather's farm and Toronto, now residing in Vancouver.

Though traditionally trained in the Woodland style of painting and carving, Don is infinitely influenced by the rhythms and themes that currently surround him. He juxtaposes the recognizable style of his people with the influences of the city. He combines traditional forms and colors with urban themes and ironic humour to create images distinctly his own.

Don is currently completing his PhD of Laws at UBC He is a lecturer at Simon Fraser University, and faculty member at the Banff Centre in Aboriginal Leadership. He has spent most of his life as a teacher, instructing and lecturing at Colleges, Universities and First Nations and around the world. He speaks in the areas of law, socio-legal pluralism, art and tradition, colonization, justice systems, and negotiations.

He continues his art practice from a collaborative studio in the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center, and is an active advocate for the cultural and creative sustainability of his community.

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