Chrissy Nickerson

My name is Chrissy Nickerson. I am an artist of paint. I struggle in life as everyone does. I try to follow dreams,satisfy my needs. I have many desires and distractions. I know that, to be happy, I must paint for myself and see where I end up.

I paint my life. If I am too upset to see anything else, I will paint the self-portrait. If I am in love, I will paint him. If I am with friends constantly, I will paint them and their practices. I always paint landscape. Nature makes me feel connected,it is powerful and encompasses so much more than I could fathom. To go out and sit in a beautiful or sublime place is comforting. I can sit there for weeks by myself and be OK.

I have two degrees. A Bachelor of fine arts, and a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Environmental Planning. I work with oil paint, and enjoy the struggles of changing size, simplicity, materials and environment.

I would like to do my Masters one day, but, right now I am committed to paint for the rest of my life. I will continue to live and be thankful for it.

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