Cedar Mueller

I love the recognizable profile lines of a particular animal. I spend hours trying to recreate those lines into my art. While in the field as a biologist I would constantly be scanning the landscape for wildlife. The first thing my eye might catch would be movement, but the second thing would be the recognizable outline that meant it was a bear, or a coyote, or an eagle. Or the beautiful shape of a horse. Those identifiable lines are what give the sculpture its animal spirit. The medium adds richness. It will also come as no surprise that I love animals. I love the different personality of each animal. When I have completed a sculpture I know I've done a good job when it has its own "personality" and people can connect with it.

I've enjoyed making my "wall" animals. Being able to focus on one side of the animal gives me more time to perfect those profile lines and add interesting pieces of metal. Integrating different types of metal (like copper) has also been fun and I plan on doing a lot more of that in future sculptures.

Both "Copper" and "Red" are made from found metal collected throughout Alberta and BC. My children groan when I always want to check out landfills and stop at scrap metal piles and old car graveyards on our family road trips!

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