Brent Bukowski

I am an artist who works primarily with reclaimed materials. My artwork is largely the consequence of a rural lifestyle in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. I arrived here with the dream of homesteading, and what followed was an intensive self-study of the building arts. With little to no money, I quickly learned how to salvage the materials required for the construction of my house and gardens. My hands were introduced to new tasks, which in turn, became the rudiments of a new expression. For over a decade, I have maintained a full-time arts practice, working from a very basic metal/ glassworks studio with materials reclaimed almost entirely from a landfill servicing a community of under 1000 people. I reanimate discards, into compositions that explore environmental and historical themes. My work achieves a high level of detail and has been applied to a variety of sculptural forms: series work, installation, architectural, set design and public art.

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan (1968), Brent Bukowski has lived on an acreage in the mountains of the West Kootenays since 1992--- where he and his partner, artist and curator Arin Fay, have designed and constructed their house and gardens and care for their two children.

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