Encaustic is the process of painting with wax. Different types of wax are mixed with pigments from the earth and painted hot onto heavy cotton canvas. It is the rich earthiness of the materials that inspires my process and choice of subject. I see encaustic painting as liquid finding form.

My first passion was photography and I use those skills to capture a pivotal moment: a field filled with bison, a serene moment beside a horse, or in my studio with a model. I then choose my images carefully, pairing a unique encaustic technique with an image for the specific qualities of light and color that inspired it.

Wax is magic: I carve, scrape and gouge it. I throw some hot wax randomly on my finished paintings and the drips finds their own spot, taking form in front of my eyes.

The physical experience of working on a large canvas, the smell of the molten beeswax... all these are part of my creative experience.

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